Secret 2/4 Cycle Engine
Break-in' System
Only $59.95*

it's been over thirty years since I thought of this process and have kept it a secret until just recently. I, like most creative racing winners need to keep these secret, if I want to win. Of course it comes with a price to pay. Many hours of R&D and a box full of parts and different grades of polishing formulas. So with that said, if you want the latest and greatest of my system it will cost only $60. US. That will give you what to use, how to use it, and how often

I learned it from a outboard hydro boat racer that would chalk up his output shaft on a lathe at 24 rpm's for 24 hours with marvel mystery oil dripping thru the spark plug hole. I wanted to improve the process and expedite it cause I would need something quick if I were to stick a piston at the track during a race. Well it hasn't happened yet, I haven't seized since then. Thirty years without a failure. Mostly because you can get your optimum temps up without worry that it will seize. Less friction, cooler temps,  free er resipracation.

And the best benefit is No blow by to contaminate the next charge to be fired.

Also by not properly breaking in you develop hot spots which will deform the ring and allows for blow by. If the ring is settled evenly all around there wont be any hot spots. Sometimes if you look close enough you can see the blueing on the high hot spot of the ring.

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