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Most Scooters fixed for less than a Tow cost!

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Daytona Kartweek 2009 Stock Honda 1 Part 2

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STUCK SOMEWHERE ???? CALL NOW! offers mobile scooter repair services in South Florida, from North Miami in Dade County, all Broward, and Southern Palm Beach County!

Our experienced mechanics provide competitively priced scooter servicing and repairs from our fully equipped van so you avoid the hassle and COST of delivering and picking up your scooter. Simply call and we will come to your home or workplace and service your scooter there on the spot. 

We repair & service all scooter makes including Piaggio, Gilera, and Honda. We do everything from Flats, replacing tires to full services.

Full service includes the following:
  • Oil - Replace
    (4 stroke only)
  • Oil Filter Replace
    (4 stroke only)
  • Spark Plug Replace
  • Brake Pads Check/Replace
  • Brake Fluid Check/Replace
  • Air Filter Check/Clean
  • Steering Check/Adjust
  • Suspension Check
  • Gear Oil Check/Replace
  • Throttle Freeplay Check/Adjust
  • Carb Mixture Check/Adjust
  • Idle Speed Check/Adjust
  • Electrics Check
  • Battery Check
  • Coolant Check/Replace
  • Tire Pressure Check/Adjust
  • Tire Condition Check/Replace
  • Transmission: Rollers Check/Replace, V-Belt Check/Replace
  • Oil Pump Check/Adjust (2 Stroke Only)
  • Nut and Bolt Check


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